Well surprising as it may sound they do have a connection, according to recent studies.

The first connection is between Omega 3 and brain cells. It is now well understood that a large proportion of your brain is made up of fat and a large proportion of that fat is DHA, one of the most important of the Omega 3 essential fatty acids.


And research has shown that increasing your intake of the Omega 3 essential fatty acids may have a beneficial effect on a range of mental functions including cognitive ability and memory as well as psychiatric problems such as depression and others.

In this study researchers were able to show that increasing the intake of Omega 3 fatty acids, specifically DHA, changed the behavior of mice.


These were mice already suffering from bipolar disorder, a psychiatric condition. The mice were given a diet high in Omega 3 fatty acids, specifically DHA, to see what effect this may have on their mental state including on the bipolar disorder as well as depression, and to see what molecular changes may occur in the brain of the mice that may account for any changes observed.

And the result of the study was a correlation between molecular changes in the brain of the mice and an improvement in their mental condition.


The conclusion was that “The mice that were given DHA normalized their behavior, were not depressed, and when subjected to stress, they did not become manic”. In other words a suggested conclusion of the study, one not initially expected, was that increasing the intake of DHA in the diet had a certain effect on the psychiatric condition of the mice. Of course it’s very difficult to extrapolate from a study on mice that increasing your intake of DHA will help reduce bipolar disorder or depression, though there are now other studies confirming this outcome. This of course is speculation and further studies will be required to determine whether this is the case. However it is certainly an extremely interesting outcome from the study and warrants further research.


Clear links are now shown between more fish oil and memory improvement.

The benefits of Omega 3 fats found in fish oil just go on and on. Evidence is now clear that there is a strong link between increased intake of fish oil and memory loss, or at least the reversal of memory loss. And as well as improving memory, there is also evidence that taking more Omega 3 for brain development in infants is very important, and that more fish oil can also help us to improve our learning ability. The range of brain related improvements from taking fish oil supplements is impressive. Researchers are now saying that taking Omega 3 for brain improvement includes reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.


A recent study showed that taking Omega 3 fish oil supplements for 6 months can improve our chances in each of these areas.  485 healthy people were tested using fish oil supplements, and the results showed improvements in age related memory loss,  and increased learning ability that was “almost double the reduction in errors on a test that measures learning and memory performance”.

So now it seems clear that along with a whole host of other benefits, Omega 3 memory supplements are well worth taking. Of course they aren’t memory supplements, they’re fish oil, but fish oil in your diet may well reduce the age related memory loss we all seem to suffer over time.

The active component identified in the study was DHA, a fatty acid that makes up the majority of the fats in our brains. DHA is found in the fish oil, and if you take the best fish oil supplements you ought to be getting plenty of DHA every day.


How do you find the best fish oil supplements? It’s not an easy process to do, you need to consider a wide range of factors like the source of the fish oil, in other words what fish are used and the purification process used to remove dangerous contaminants like mercury and heavy metals, and the amount of DHA found in each capsule.

All fish oil capsules are NOT the same.   


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